Our services

BD works in ..

Trade (import and export)

  • BD’s goal is to contribute to the growth and development sector (import and export) of all kinds to serve the development plans in the country.
  • BDfocuses on the side of trade, especially import and export, customs clearance and provide shared services to increase the volume of work in both directions.
  • Provide information and indicators for sales and consulting business and direct purchase orders for those wishing it.
  • Provide information and indicators for sales and direct purchase to dealers / partners orders.
  • The average of changing our staff in our company is very low. We have established long-term relationships with government ministries and agencies, embassies and oil and gas industries and different importers. Our staff has workers in all areas of high expertise and are committed to follow up the work intelligently and on time.

Golay has been able to be a strong reputation in its ability to get the logistical options and multiple implementation; which represents a high value to our customers. We complete the tasks entrusted to us in a legal, safe and the best way to suit your needs

High value of the company comes from the professional service they provide in the areas of contracts and general trade. And by providing the best solutions, project management and delivery to customers shortly and matching the required specifications and this comes from the company’s keenness on the value of its customers.

Public construction include

  •  Civil and Architecture: all matters relating to the design and implementation of business relating to the establishment and expansion of the demolition and reconstruction of buildings of all kinds as well as roads, bridges, railways, airports, dams, reservoirs and irrigation, projects, drainage realization of extending water and sewer, sidewalks and the realization of Surveying Engineering and pumping stations and water purification, and all the concrete pipe business networks. Mechanical works: include work on the setting up and maintenance of machinery, equipment and water plants and generators, manufacturing and furnishing caravan and create roofs, towers and all kinds of metal structures and manufacture of fuel tanks and tanks pumping stations and filtering, mobile and work of air conditioning and health installations, sewage networks.
  • Electrical and Electronic Business: work on the setting up and expansion of power plants
  • The telephone exchanges and all acts of electrical installations, communication towers.
  • Buildings hospitals.
  • Educational buildings: schools, universities …… etc.
  • Construction tourist villages.
  • Public buildings: Administrative, government buildings ….. etc.
  • Residential buildings .
  • Design and implementation of buildings housing complexes industrial and service buildings.
  • Design and implementation of all types of engineering services projects.
  • Implement and rehabilitation and maintenance of water facilities and power plants filter projects.
  • Monument processing plants and water and sanitation projects.• Provide engineering consultancy in all disciplines.• Design and implementation of road and bridge projects.• stadiums and sports halls.• refrigerated warehouses.

Transportation of heavy and light equipment of all kinds:

  • The company specialized beside the transport of Processing and implementation of the transfer of contracts inside and outside Iraq.
  • Our company has been able to be a strong reputation in its ability to get multiple logistic options implemented which represents a high value to our customers. We send your shipment is legal, safe and the best way to suit your needs.
  • Leasing and rental of any means of transportation or heavy equipment or light needed to carry out public transport services.
  • All the company’s operations are subject to audit and review periodically the company is keen on the exact application of quality standards and the development of plans and programs for comprehensive training for all employees

Light and heavy equipment of all kinds

  • Cyril Flat
  • Cyril for Older
  • Digger
  • Steamroller wheel
  • Steamroller Steel
  • Bulldozer
  • Grader
  • Brad Cyril
  • Cranes of all kinds
  • Pure water trucks
  • Plain water trucks
  • Trucks water withdrawal
  • Cranes
  • Skips
  • Bob Cat
  • Buses
  • Buses 20-25 passengers